Hidde is a man where chocolate is running through his veins

After dreaming of life as an artist, be it as a painter or a sculptor, at 14 years old Hidde decided – with a little help of Jan Bronswijk, the baker across the street – to become a pastry chef. And so he did. At just 17 Hidde started as an apprentice at Banketbakkerij Roodenrijs in Wateringen. After two years his journey continued as he worked at renowned pastry houses Huize van Wely and Patisserie de Rouw.

His pastry adventure ventured into gastronomy when Hidde became pastry chef at Landgoed Duin en Kruidberg in Santpoort. After which he ruled the pastry section of the kitchen at three Michelin star restaurant Parkheuvel in Rotterdam and at De Librije in Zwolle. After which he returned to Landgoed Duin en Kruidberg. In 2010 Hidde started his own pastry label ‘Dreams of Magnolia’.

Columnist – Public speaker – Workshops – Demos

Besides running his own label Hidde made a name for himself writing sweet recipes for culinary Dutch magazine ‘Delicious’. He is often asked to write columns for professional magazines and has developed various concepts and products for a number of companies. Since 2017 Hidde is a guest teacher at over 20 trade schools in the Netherlands and Belgium, including the three locations for the Cas Spijkers Academie. Early in his career Hidde already gave workshops and presentations, often chocolate workshops for consumers. Later on these workshops shifted more towards the professional field. These workshops are as broad as the field of patisserie itself; nougat, macarons or the bean to bar process. The focus has always been the sweet trade of the business.


In 2011 was the launch of Hidde’s television career when he co-hosted ‘Bake my Day’ (Net5) and appeared as a guest judge on ‘Masterchef’ In 2016 he featured in 24Kitchen’s Hollandse Bakkers and in 2017 he judged the popular RTL4 show De Chocolade Show. These days we can enjoy Hidde on a daily basis. Food channel 24 Kitchen runs his own pastry show De Brabander Bakt and Hidde is the sweet chef on the daily morning show Koffietijd. Besides that he is frequently asked for guest appearances on (online) shows such as De Keuringsdienst van Waren en Doorbakken.


Hidde has written and published several books. A self-published children’s book ‘Een gebakje voor opa’ but also several baking books. His ultimate manual for baking ‘Patisserie’ was published in 2016. A year later De Brabander Bakt was released, which was written to accompany his 24 Kitchen television show.

In 2019 he published Chocolaterie, as a sequel to Patisserie. In this book Hidde takes us further into the world of cocoa and chocolate. In 2020 Glacerie. came out as the third part in the serie and is all about ice and icecream. And it won’t end there. As we speak he is working on the fourth book in this series, Boulangerie., which is planned to be released in the spring of 2022.

Master Pastry Chef and SVH Master Icecreammaker

As icing on the cake of this already impressive 20 year career in May 2018 Hidde is crowned Master Pastry Chef. The highest achievable title in his field of work and (in the Netherlands) Hidde is only the third one to be getting this honour. Three years later, in november 2021 he took place in a new exam and became the 34th SVH Master Icecreammaker.

What’s next?

In the summer of 2019 Hidde joined the IJscentrum Vlaardingen and will be working closely with them. One of his roles – besides the many other aspects of his career – will be managing the ice cream department, as successor to the previous manager Jacques Vos.

Get in touch with Hidde, to either book him to give an inspiring masterclass/demo or perhaps to have him give in inspirational talk about patisserie or maybe you’d like to work with Hidde in a different context let us know by filling out this contact sheet. We look forward to hearing from you!